Friday, 29 August 2014

For Whom The Bells Toll

I recall the book "For Whom The Bells Toll" lying around the house as a youngster and I read it but don't have too many memories apart from Greek partisans who fought against the Nazis and whom I later learnt were the first victims of the CIA installing the same Fascists they had been fighting against when the war was over as the "New" enemy was communism.

All this goes to show what a load of shit war is and how the State just uses people to keep on to their wealth.

Anyway Ingrid Bergman is an 'off-the-charts' boyish looking beauty in this movie, and the old mother who looks after the partisans is a character but the rest of the movie is a honker. It's full of cliché rough types who need a good shower and some fluffy towels instead of living like armpits.

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