Monday, 30 September 2013

Shit Movies | Bad Lieutenant - Port of Call - New Orleans

From now on this blog is only going to be about movies that were so bad I couldn't sit through them. 

It's my shit movies blog.

It might be because I learned from child actor Ben Fellows, and a separate Twitter follower, that Nicholas Cage is a violent person who has pimped underage girls in Hollywood before he became famous that I've gone right off him. He has also been seen punching his girlfriend and/or female partner by acquaintances of mine. These might just be claims but when two people corroborate each other on a character I tend to listen.

This movie is just another shitty bent cop movie. If you like tits and coke with nut crushing anti-hero detective dialogue this flick is for you. I switched it off after about 15 minutes. I couldn't stomach his shit acting any more. The only movie he was ever good in was Leaving Las Vegas and now we know he was paying himself.

A violent drunk.

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